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42 Egg Incubator, Incubators for Hatching Eggs, Automatic Egg Turner with Temper

42 Egg Incubator, Incubators for Hatching Eggs, Automatic Egg Turner with Temper

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  • 【42 EGG CAPACITY】Hatching egg incubator with uniform heat control and precise humidity display for efficient incubation. Offers more space for a total of 42 eggs. Ideal for hatching various breeds of poultry eggs, such as chicken eggs, quail eggs, pigeon eggs and so on. Dimensions: 46*40*17cm
  • 【STABLE TEMPERATURE & EXTERNAL WATER FILLING】Heating technology and strong motor heating fan ensure uniform and stable temperature and humidity. No need to open the lid, there are water filling holes on the bottom to add water volume, easy to use and reduce the temperature fluctuation caused by opening the lid. Automatic temperature and humidity control, automatic egg turning, automatic alarm and other functions.
  • 【EASY TO USE】The LED display allows you to set the temperature and humidity and monitor the data at the same time. It can display important hatching indices: temperature, humidity and days of hatching. The alarm function allows you to easily monitor the current temperature and humidity level. You can also decide how often the eggs and LED candles rotate.
  • 【AUTOMATIC EGG TURNER】The built-in egg turner turns eggs every two hours to promote healthy development and reduce human intervention, thus increasing the hatching rate. A built-in countdown timer for turning eggs, easily control the frequency of turning eggs to improve the hatching rate!
  • 【TRANSPARENT ABS COVER】allowing observation, making it ideal for education and manufacturing, perfect for schools/homes/farms/laboratories. Good seal design improves the hatching effect.

Product Description

Are you looking for the right high-hatchability incubator?

About Sailnovo

  • Sailnovo has developed rapidly in recent years. Its main activity is beauty, home and outdoor products. It has always focused on product quality control and customer product experience.

About Sailnovo smart digital incubators

  • The fully automatic incubator is simple and convenient to use, allowing you to start incubating immediately.
  • Sailnovo incubators are equipped with stable temperature control, smart fans, humidity display, precise monitoring, automatic rotation and external irrigation, allowing you to hatch your chicks faster and easier than ever.
  • It can incubate egg-laying embryos of various diameters, such as chicken, duck, goose, quail, pheasant, turkey, swan, parrot, lovebird, macaw and other egg-laying animal embryos. Perfect for farms, homes, schools, workshops and more.


  • The LED screen allows the configuration of temperature, humidity, incubation days, and rotation time. Very easy and clear for every age.
  • The egg tray ensures good air circulation;
  • Over temperature and humidity alarm to protect eggs;
  • Low noise, low power consumption
  • The inlet is easy to inject with water, etc.
Complete hatching accessories:

4 water feeders, 1 spray bottle, 1 water bottle. Unlike other brands, our incubator does not require the purchase of additional accessories to start incubation, greatly improving the hatching rate.


  • Material: ABS Material
  • Color: Yellow White and Clear
  • Capacity: 42 Eggs
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 90W
  • What you get: 1 incubator, 4 water feeders, 1 spray bottle, 1 water bottle, 1 manual,1 record card..

Safe · Fast · Smart · Convenient - Help hatch your eggs!

LCD Screen and Automatic Control

  • Sailnovo egg incubator can visually display more data such as: temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg transfer time, digital temperature control and abnormal temperature and humidity alarm function.
  • All of this enables efficient monitoring and thorough care, timely operation and reduction of loss during the incubation process. Greatly improve your hatchability.

Sailnovo incubator features:

LED digital display

Equipped with an LED digital display panel showing temperature, humidity, incubation days, fan, etc.

It has simple buttons that are easy to use

External water injection hole

Includes 1 water bottle

There is a hole on the outside of the incubator that allows water to be added without opening it.

Water channels are used to add water to balance heat and humidity.

Automatic turner

The machine is set to automatically turn over the eggs for better fertilization and hatching.

Note: When the chicks hatch, take the hatched chicks out of the machine in time to prevent the chicks from falling

Sailnovo incubator features:

Convenient Transparent Cover

The egg incubator has a convenient transparent cover that allows you to see how the incubator works.

4 x water feeds

Each incubator comes with four water feeders, there is no need to purchase additional ones. Made of durable PP material, durable. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use without sacrificing performance. Say goodbye to leaks and wasted water and keep your chicken coop clean and dry. Make your subsequent pondering easy and convenient!

42 egg tray

The egg trays are arranged at an appropriate distance to ensure air circulation, ensuring uniformity of humidity and temperature in the incubator, forming a suitable incubation environment.

Start your incubation journey with this incubator!

How to USE the Sailnovo Incubator for the first time

1. For first time use, please power on and check, fan, heating, humidity display, egg turning function is normal.

2. Please purchase fertilized eggs and place them on the egg tray with the tip down.

  • Recommended temperature and humidity setting range for hatching chickens: 100.4℉/55%-70%

3. Set the temperature: 1)Press the button (SET)once to set temperature. 2)Press the button (+) once increase temperature. 3)Press the button (-) once to decrease temperature.

4. How to control the humidity: The humidity of the incubator is the displayed humidity. We need to add the appropriate amount of water according to the local humidity and the instructions on the display to control the humidity.

Initial water addition recommendations:

42 EGGS: Adding 300-450ml of water (about 2-3 jugs of the included water bottle) is recommended, adjusted according to the local temperature and humidity. 55 EGGS: Adding 450-600ml of water (about 3-4 jugs of the included water bottle) is recommended, adjusted according to local temperature and humidity.

Alarm cancellation: When the temperature and humidity are abnormal, the machine will generate an alarm. Press "+" or "-" to cancel the alarm. And adjust the temperature and humidity according to the indicator icon.

5. Instructions for the last three days of incubation:

In the last three days, the chicks will gradually hatch out of their shells and be born. At this time, the egg tray MUST be removed to prevent the fragile chicks from getting stuck in the rolling egg tray. In addition, you can increase the humidity and use our included watering can to spray water on the eggs to soften eggshells and help the chicks break their shells better!

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